Stewarts Holiday Match

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The Foundation has recently received a $1,000 grant award from the Stewart's Holiday Match Program. These funds will assist the Foundation is providing grants to the Mohonasen Central Schools for Innovative educational programs for the students.

Notable Gifts & Contributions:


The Mohonasen Foundation for Excellence is a not-for-profit corporation funded by contributions from staff, benefactors, community members and local businesses who wish to support its goal of promoting excellence in the Mohonasen Schools. Contributions support programs and activities that directly improve quality education through grants and promote community-school partnerships with alumni and residents.


All contributions are tax deductible. The Foundation does not levy an administration fee, so contributions return in full to support Mohonasen’s students.


A way to contribute to the Mohonasen Foundation for Excellence is through...

  • GE Matching Grant Program: General Electric will contribute a matching amount when ten employees contribute a total of $1,000. Anyone interested in joining this group of contributors should contact the Foundation. General Electric employees may also contribute to the Mohonasen Foundation through the United Way by using code 0368.

  • Gifts: Gifts in the form of cash, stocks, or any other type of asset offer tax benefits. The Foundation will work with you and your attorney to plan your gifts.

  • Bequests: You can leave a specific amount or a percentage of your estate to the Foundation in your will. The Foundation will work with you and your attorney to design trusts and other estate plans that reflect your desires.

  • Memorials: Any gift to the Foundation can be made "in memory of" a special person.

  • Honoring someone special: Honor a loved one, a special teacher, a retiring educator, or a special achievement through a gift to the Foundation.





A copy of the Foundation’s annual financial report may be obtained upon request from the Foundation or the NYS Attorney General’s Bureau, ATTN: Foil Officer.

Gifts & Contributions